About the Loft

The Coffee Loft is located outside of the small town of Kamiah in the middle of Idaho. It has beautiful mountains surrounding it and a river running through those mountains. The Coffee Loft was established in December of 2022 in order to provide our community with a place to go and build stronger relationships with each other.

We wanted to see our community grow and strengthen by providing an atmosphere that is uplifting (or, as we like to say "uplofting!")  and run by encouraging, happy, and kind people who prioritize the person over the profit. We are thrilled to be a part of our area and look forward each day to seeing the familiar faces of our everyday patrons and traveling strangers driving through.

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Our Staff

Elizabeth Manley smiling at the camera

Elizabeth Hicks

Elizabeth is a joyful, people-centered manager who encourages each of the baristas and goes above and beyond to make sure the work environment is encouraging, challenging, hopeful, and functions properly. She loves to see growth and loves to help each barista learn their role in a way that works for them. She has worked as a barista in the past and knows the ins and outs of what is required to be a top-quality barista both with coffee and customer service. We LOVE having her a part of our team! (And LOVE it when she plans our fun employee meetings!)

Barista - Delivery Service Manager

Janessa Pogue

If you are a delivery service customer, you have probably seen Janessa's smiling face many times! She is the person behind the delivery route and the biggest reason that we get to offer that service to our local businesses. 🙂 She is organized, kind, and always ready to offer a smile, even on the busiest of delivery days! On her off days, she teaches music on all different levels and keeps a full calendar of adventurous, social outings.

Janessa standing and smiling at the camera
Jill standing and smiling at the camera

Jill Manley

You probably have mistaken Jill for Amy or Amy for Jill, and although they look alike, they have very different personalities and many different giftings. Jill is outgoing and loves a challenge! She works hard and enjoys when the 'Loft gets filled with people. She is vibrant, passionate, and always ready to have conversations (or read a good book. 😛 ) She remembers the little details about people and will eagerly ask you questions about yourself so that she can get to know you more.

Barista - Delivery Assistant

Tate Manley

As our "Bro-rista," Tate brings the best dynamic to our team. He is fun and quick to laugh at a joke or offer a compliment. He works alongside Janessa with delivery and if you are feeling down, Tate is the first face you want to see. He looks at people with interest and joy and connects with each person he interacts with. He is quick to learn and quicker to assist when problems arise.

Anna standing and smiling at the camera
Barista - Delivery Assistant

Anna Crawford

If you were to ask any of the baristas about Anna, they might sit you down and give you a 30 min presentation on how amazing she is! She is so consistent and steady, and each person who works with her looks forward each morning when she comes through the door. She is a pro at making coffee and working through lines of drinks both for in-house customers and for delivery customers.


Denae James

With an artistic eye and a joyful spirit, Denae has become an important and wonderful part of the 'Loft team. She LOVES making delicious drinks (her favorite comes with lots of froth!) and getting to work hard during busy times. She is dedicated and communicates well. Denae is an amazing artist and sweet friend!

Denae standing and smiling at the camera
Amy Manley, CEO of the Coffee Loft, sitting and smiling at the camera
CEO, Co-Owner, and More

Amy Manley

A successful leader sees the possibility in an otherwise impossible situation. She then constructs and casts the vision, all while creating a business strategy that will go on without her. Such is Amy Manley.

A limitless whirlwind of energy and ideas makes up our strong but gentle leader.

From beginning her coffee career in high school to building her own coffee truck with delivery service to the full-fledged sit-down shop that is The Coffee Loft, Amy has shown faithfulness to take the seed of a dream and grow it into a thriving business. Simply put, Amy felt a calling to serve the local counties and visitors with a cheerful smile and servant's heart. Her example has allowed numerous guests at the Coffee Loft an opportunity to feel loved, gain a glimpse of the heart of God through ready barista smiles, and know that, come as they are, they will always belong at The Coffee Loft.

Barista - Baker

Teagan Raquel

Apart from being one of the best photographers around, (Teagan Raquel Photography) Teagan spends part of her time investing in the Coffee Loft and the people here. Even though she started at the 'Loft 4 months after the rest of the team, she has quickly become irreplaceable. She is the reason the kitchen is warm and filled with the scent of freshly baked cinnamon rolls, blueberry rolls, scones, snickerdoodles... etc. She has a great sense of humor and loves to chat with customers. She is also the one behind the camera for many of the fantastic Coffee Loft photos. 🙂

Teagan standing and smiling at the camera
Matt and Seri standing and smiling at the camera

Matt & Seri Hickman

If you are not friends with this dynamic duo, you are missing out! These people are some of our favorite faces to see at the Loft. They are so quick to encourage and enjoy this little shop. They own the HKD dojo next to the 'Loft and we get to see them frequently come and go with smiles on their face. They bring so much excitement and passion to our team.