Made Up Of Stories

How the ‘Loft Came to be.

Voices and body language traditionally tell stories. They are told through words and sung through songs. They could even be communicated through eye contact and physical touch, but stories are not often told by wooden table legs and soft, plush pillows. Stories don’t often get told by furniture pieces but do you know what else doesn’t happen often? The story that we are about to tell you. This is the story of a little coffee shop in the middle of nowhere, on the side of a small highway, winding its way through the Idaho mountains.

On a sunny afternoon in August of 2022, a young woman received a phone call that would suddenly throw her into a new story that she did not see coming for another 10 years. That phone call was about an open door, and it would be the start of the coffee shop that she had been dreaming of for a while. 

Over the next few months, the young women (Amy), the two investors (Seri and Matt), and a small handful of friends would plan, instigate, and see a dream come to life. They would see stories form and create what we now know as The Coffee Loft. It is a little building filled with design, creativity, warmth, and people. Most importantly it is a building filled with stories.

This coffee shop, affectionately referred to as The Loft, has many stories to tell of the provision and faithfulness of the God who called this dream to be.

We will share each story and dream so that you can step into the space and feel as at home as we do. 

Join me as we get to hear the stories that can only be told over coffee, curled up in your favorite chair, with the familiar sounds of people chatting, orders being placed, and the hum of life in your little local Coffee Loft. Stay tuned for the next post with the first story of our Golden Ceiling. 🙂