The Golden Hour

The Story Behind our Golden Ceiling

Shortly after we committed to seeing The Coffee Loft come to be, our friend Seri made a suggestion that caught us all off guard. She wanted to paint the ceiling gold.

“Gold!?” I thought “That would make a statement.”

Gold is a big statement color, and turning the entire ceiling into a statement was a little daunting. 

Thank goodness Seri convinced us because soon, the inside of the Loft was overlooked by a bright gold ceiling. It began to set the tone for the rest of the design and decorations; the tone it set was just what this community needed.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure if that color would be good. It took me a while before I understood the full meaning behind the color of our ceiling.

With light cream walls, a dark floor, and a warm, welcoming ceiling, the ‘Loft quickly set itself apart from the normal coffee shop. It wasn’t until almost a year later that I realized the gold ceiling signified so much more than just a color. It was a statement piece, and the statement it told was pure “gold.” 

As a culture, we have come to reflect on certain times in life as golden. The times we spend slowing down, enjoying the little things, and spending more time with family are called the “Golden Years.” When grandparents get to look into the smiling, dirty faces of their grandkids and bask in the sound of their laughter. The time when you get to slow down and watch the sunrise, the wind blow, and drink your coffee for pleasure and not in desperation.

The 50th anniversary of the wedding is the golden anniversary. Marriage is hard work, and it takes love, sacrifice, and selfless devotion to make it there. Whether it is a marriage anniversary, business anniversary, or any other type of anniversary, it takes commitment and dedication to the better things in life to commit to something that long.

The best time of day is often called the “golden hour.” This is the moment when the Sun is making an obvious statement of beauty and grandness in the sky, both in the morning and evening.  The rich warmth and the refreshing cool of both times remind us each to pause and take in the glory.

To capture all these sweet, rich, hard, and beautiful moments, we call them golden. The dream and hope of the Coffee Loft is to capture those moments as well. The gold ceiling does make a statement. It makes the statement of rich, precious, hard, beautiful moments that will be worth looking back on and living through.

We are here to remind you that you can Live Life in Gold. With a coffee in hand, and a smile on your face go about today with eyes to see the sweet, rich, beautiful moments that make life worth living.